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Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Software Solution

Enterprise resource planning are software systems that are used for operations planning, administration and for optimizing internal business processes, including manufacturing, supply chain, financials, customer relationship management, human resources, and warehouse management. A typical ERP software will integrate (or attempt to integrate) all data and processes of an organization into a single unified system.

Why do you need ERP for your business ?

So, what can an ERP solution help you with? What problems can it help you solve and what does it allow you to do practically? To begin with, it will allow you to properly keep your books in order. Hugely important and something every business needs to discuss from day one, getting your business financials straight is essential. That includes general budget uses, paying your employees their salaries and covering their benefits, managing your cash and assets, to name a few. Whats more, all this is laid out and organized to include all the best practices and industry and regulation standards - so that you don't have to implement them on your own.

Other than that, ERP can help with the manufacturing aspect of your business. Taken in the most broad sense this means the entire process of taking one set of components, using tools or machines and/or labor and turning them into a finished product. ERP can be there for you regardless of whether you're making and selling shoes or microchips. It can handle work order, bill of materials, general inventory management, placement of orders and purchases, supplier interaction and many other things along those lines.

Core business aside, ERP can greatly simplify interaction with the customers and improve the sales process, including marketing, promotion, following up and processing leads etc, In addition to this, it can do that seamlessly either on the retail/B2C level (end users) or on the B2B level (affiliates, suppliers etc). At the same time ERP makes it easy to understand what's going on in your company what's collectively called Business Intelligence by allowing you to create reports, enable alerts and do simple or complex data mining. It can let you assign metrics to actions and assets and to generally be able to better judge what works well and what doesn't, which could be a hugely important advantage for your business.

Services We Offer:

Jaftech System Pvt. Ltd. specializes in ERP software development and develops high quality solutions for mid-size and big companies. Since ERP system is pretty complex software that should be deeply integrated in all business processes of an organization, we believe that this is not the place for general mass-market solutions and use personal approach to every project. ERP software developed with us is:

  • Powerful :Integrates all your business data and processes into one unified system.
  • Customized :Solution developed according to Client Requirement, considering all needs of their company.
  • Secure :Strong protection mechanisms to prevent both insider and outsider theft, such as espionage, abuse or sabotage of the information.
  • Reliable :Reliable data storage, processing, and backup mechanism to make sure you won't lose your information due to hardware failures.
  • Easy-to-use :Simple and intuitive interface will not distract you from your work and reduce adaptation costs.
  • Totally Integrated, 100% Web-Based, accessing one database.
  • Vendor-independent to fit your technology infrastructure. Cloud or On Premise.
  • Scalable, reliable, available.
  • Published data model for external report writers.
Managed Information
  • Role-based for security – administrator, user, manager, project manager, financial roles, and/or customer.
  • Single-sign on for one entry of username and password.
  • Integration Manager to make sure automated data exchange with third-party systems.
  • Powerful selection criteria for critical services business reports.
Robust Features
  • Functional depth (including project management, DCAA Compliance, Per Diems, Time In / Time Out)
  • Extensive audit trails for auditors
  • Manage all aspects of project-based business operations
Enterprise Resource Planning & Customer Relationship Management :

We have specially designed CRM module that enables you to manage customer relations .Some of content provided are contact book , marketing campaign , Individual complaint or request tracking, service management ,mail management system , customer support system and many more


In a manufacturing industry the key process which has potential for improvement include project estimation, quote submission and multiple management. With through understanding we provide ERP with manage inventory from micro to macro level along with zone and bin configuration for warehouses, schedule master production, Plan capacity utilization, Plan routing for MRP, efficiently handle shop floor reporting sub contract material receipt & release ,track material consumption and estimate cost ,plan and manage demand ,manage work order ,manage flexible scheduling ,efficiently track the customer quotations commercial, technical and price bids.

Supply Chain Management:

Supply chain module is a broader term which includes the production and the logistics module. The beginning of supply chain starts from the demand and ends with last delivery of product or service to customer. SCM provides facility of both type procurement up-stream as well as downstream. We develop tools for you to check the supply chain so that it is purposeful, costs nominal and delivers high quality and value to end-customers. Our SCM entails scheduling the various stages needed for manufacturing, quality testing, packaging and timely delivery. It enable you to measure quality levels, production output and your employee productivity.

Finance/ Accounting:

D & K provides expertise solution in routine financial and accounting software development. Our custom financial software development services include invoice and contract management software development, financial planning software development, bank payment tracking software development, transactions and cash flow processing solution, bookkeeping and auditing software development, donation management software development. Thus this result our customers to get a highly scalable, robust and modular financial management software solution which helps them to combine, manage and monitor the enterprise-wide financial information.

Project Management :

Steps of project management include planning well, organizing, securing and finally managing resources. These are the processes followed in order to complete specific project goals and objectives. At D & K we follow a structured and well-planned methodology. We offer expert solutions to organizations that manage change by building strategies for execution. We are up to date with changes and implement effective innovation in the areas of project, program and portfolio management.

Human Resource Management (HRM) Software Solutions:

As we all know that the most important asset for any company is HR. So managing the human resource is very important. ERP HR module keep track all the activities of HR department. We provide HR software solutions like details of joining, leaving, promotions, leaves details, HR related issues etc. Module for future purpose keeps records of all the documents and information very precisely.

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